Covid – MABAC Events 2020

Important message to All members

On behalf of the MABAC League committee we hope you and your members are keeping well and fit.  Unfortunately we have to advise all members of MABAC, that the committee has taken the decision not to hold further MABAC events in 2020.  We will need to review events for 2021 but it may be difficult to get some landowners consent until the pandemic is truly under control.

Following recent Government guidance on the phased return to sport, both UK Athletics and the Association of Running Clubs have produced documents to pave the way for competitive running to return. In order for that to happen a range of measures need to be put in place to reduce the risk of the spread of Covid-19 at events.  But the risk cannot be totally eliminated.  The principle involves creating a Covid Secure Environment, the key requirements of which are (courtesy of UKA):
1. MABAC Covid-19 Officer is to be appointed
2. A venue/ environment must develop a COVID action plan and risk assessment
3. All activity must comply with Government guidance around social distancing before, during or after.
4. All clubs and coaches must capture pre-activity health questionnaires, including participant contact details which can be shared upon request with the government’s Test and Trace initiative
5. Clubs, coaches and event managers must ensure everyone at the session maintains good hygiene and that provisions are in place to allow for this
6. Sessions that include children and young people under the age of 18 should be more meticulously planned to ensure their needs are catered for.

MABAC is affiliated to ARC which is prepared to insure our events if the current guidance is followed.    Assuming landowner’s consent to events being held can be obtained, the question remains whether MABAC League is able to both create a Covid Secure Environment for them and, even if it does, whether we can eliminate the risk of participants and helpers contracting Covid -19.  If you do feel your club can organise a league event with a Covid Secure Environment please feel free to discuss this with the committee.
Best regards,

MABAC League Committee

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