MABAC – Windsor Park -Magic (8 miles)

Sunday 12th January 2020 – 10am



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Win a ‘Beat your Age’ certificate by running 8 miles in fewer minutes than your age in years (ladies discount your time by 15%) 

This is a 8 mile Mabac Event – Part of the MABAC Running League, the senior race is just over 8 km (8 miles) there are also joggers’ and junior events of about 4 km (4 miles). The league is open ONLY to Members and Guests of the following clubs.

BVRBlackwater Valley Runners
CRCranleigh Runners
DMVDorking and Mole Valley Athletic Club
EOEpsom Oddballs
MAGICMatthew Arnold Gym Instruction Club
PPPyrford Puffers
RPACReigate Priory Athletic Club
RRRunnymede Runners
WHWaverley Harriers
WWWimbledon Windmilers

For more infomation please Click on one of the Clubs above.