League Fixtures

The MABAC League Dates 2024

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Saturday 3rd Febuary 20249.00am WINDSOR PARKMAGIC
Sunday 3rd March 202410.00am PRIORY PARKRPAC
Sunday 14th April 2024 10.00am WINTERFOLD FORESTCR
Sunday 19th May 202410.00am FARNHAM PARKBVR
Tuesday 11th June 20247.30pm DENBIESDMV
Sunday 14th July 2024 9.00am Cranleigh 7 – 14 – 21 RaceOPEN
Tuesday 6th August 20247.30pmWIMBLEDON COMMONWW
Sunday 18th August TBC11.00amPairs Relay StainesMAGIC
Sunday 15th September 2024 10.00am LIGHTWATER COUNTRY PARKRR
Sunday 20th October 202410.00am NONSUCH PARKEO
Sunday 17th November 2024 10.00am FARLEY HEATHPP / WH
Sunday 17th November 2024 12.00pmAGMAGM

Mainly 5 mile Cross Country Events – Part of the MABAC Running League, the senior races are normally just over 8 km (5 miles) there are also joggers’ and junior events of about 4 km (2.5 miles). The league is open ONLY to Members and Guests of the Member clubs. The clubs are Based in Surrey or South West London. The races mainly take place on a Sunday Morning in some of the most beautiful places in Surrey.