Cranleigh 7 – 14 – 21 miles Race

Sunday 14th July 2024 – 9am

Unique challenge event in the Summer (ARC Championships)

50% road – 50% trail – Flat 

On the day you choose – One lap = 7 miles /  Two laps = 14 miles / Three laps = 21 miles. If you’re in a club/team, your fastest lap will count towards the Fastest Lap Team competition (teams of 3).

If your club is affiliated to the Association of Running Clubs (ARC), you’ll be automatically entered in an ARC UK Championship competition over 7 or 14 or 21 miles. (Whatever your final distance is). 1st/2nd/3rd, Male/Female, for each distance.

The course is 7 miles – 3.5 miles on undulating rural road, then 3.5 miles on the amazingly beautiful and flat “Downs Link“, an old railway line (even past an old railway station).

Cranleigh 7 mile lap elevation – Click the image above to see the route

You can choose on the day (even after the race has started) which distance you want to run. Once you stop at the end of a lap, that’s it – a quick toilet break is allowed (though your race clock will still be ticking) but you can’t stop then restart an hour later.

One lap = 7 miles /  Two laps = 14 miles / Three laps = 21 miles

All start at 9.00am – every 7 miles you get a chip time (can you do the fastest 7 mile lap?)

The last 7 mile lap must be started before 12.00

Waterstops Every 3.5 miles ( At 3.5 mile – 7 miles – 10.5 miles – 14 miles – 17.5 miles)

Free Parking close to the HQ in Village Way.

New Bespoke Medal

Tea and Coffee and a piece of cake at finish

Car Keys can be left securely with an official at the Enquiries desk in the HQ.

Note: Strictly NO Entries on the day.

Event HQ “ The BANDROOM”, Village Way, Cranleigh, Surrey GU6 8AF  

Entry limit 400

The drinking fountain on the east side of the Common is opened on June 20 1887 to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee. It is designed by Henry Woodyer, the architect of the original Cranleigh school buildings. The Common is used for many school sports. Cranleigh derived its name just after the Norman conquest from its local craneries, its meaning being ‘a woodland clearing visited by cranes’. A crane figure stands on top of the old drinking water fountain, which can still be found in the middle of the village in ‘Fountain Square’, and a pair of cranes adorn the crest of the civic coat of arms of Cranleigh Parish Council.

Past Results

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