Windsor MABAC 2022

Fantastic turn out for the first race of MABAC 2022 – the first event the Boys started at 10.00 and the girls a couple of Mins later

Thank you Ken Saunders organising and Jenny Bell for the time keeping.

Updated results for the Windsor Park MABAC 2022 are now available – if you are missing please contact your MABAC rep.

Windsor Park (PDF, XLSX) .. results updated at 16:05 on 22.01.22 to correct 4 senior runners placings and a few name spelling mistakes.

Sorry only images were taken by the girls

and just for fun – an image from 1989/1990 season MABAC

images by BVR 2022 top 5 Heather Coombes 1989 pic from Mick Hyde