Cranleigh 7/14/21 Race – 14th July 2024


On Saturday 13th July we were Marking out the Cranleigh 7 / 14 / 21 we had got to 2 miles on Knowle lane and everything was going well.

Behind us a van turned up, with flashing yellow lights then another with road Closed signs, I inquired what was happening? and informed the road was to be closed ! NO previous correspondence! After a quick discussion with Surrey County Council and another 10 trucks turning up we were in a position that we could not and SCC could not, safely allow a race to be held. We gave them time to come up with a solution, but the work had started.

So unfortunately even though we had Permits, Insurance, permission, booked medical, Booked Headquarters we had to Cancel Last minute.

Cranleigh Scouts had purchased Cakes and tea,  looking forward to receiving Funds for their Summer Camp.   

ALL runners were emailed and Marshals stood down !

We have now received information from SCC that there is due to be bridge works on Knowle lane from 16th July to 23rd October

We have rescheduled the race to 30th March 2025 All Entrants will be automatically entered into this race and entries are now Open again.

….its Flat – its Fast – a Waterstop every 3.5 miles – 50% Road 50% Track and 100% beautiful